Houston, we have liftoff! 🎉

Houston, we have liftoff! 🎉

It's been a while since we last did one of these, but welcome to the new 418sec website! 👋

Here's a quick update on what we have been up to:

Launches 🚀

huntr - the bug bounty board for securing open source code

huntr is our community facing bug bounty board. Developers can visit, take on bounties and get paid to disclose new issues or fix existing ones. Since launch, 60% of our bounties have been completed and these are now being used in packages that have been downloaded over 150M times! 😲

trustd - the secure and assured open source supply chain

trustd sits between the open source repositories and the developer, so when they use the code, it flows through us, where we analyse it, notifying developers of problems, giving them remediation advice, and if there isn't any, leveraging huntr to find the fix. 🔨

Accelerator 📈 

After being selected to be part of CyLon's 10th cohort, we spent three months with them, tapping into their network, using their expertise and expanding our knowledge. It was an invaluable experience with insightful conversations, interesting people and a lot of coffee ☕️ 

Thanks to both CyLon and our very generous angel investor for supporting us on our journey so far.

Early adopters 🚸

We have started design partnerships with BAE Applied Intelligence amongst others, ensuring the code they use is monitored and secure. 

huntrthons 💻

We have been hosting huntrthons at universities across the country, teaching students about open source security, fixing vulnerabilities, and having a bit of fun. Get in touch if you would like us to host one for you - online or in-person.

Community 👪

Our community continues to grow and thrive, and the swell of support we are receiving proves just that. You may have even seen us in articles by Nominet or the Infosecurity Magazine 📰

Until next time...